A Scavenger Hunt

ClickinMoms.com has had an annual scavenger hunt with generous prizes for the past few years. This year was my first time participating and it was an amazing experience! Totally pushed me out of my shy box and afforded me opportunities of fun that I did not expect!

The rules are simple. You must take the photo or be in the photo. You can use any device capable of taking a photo. You must have “Clickin Moms 2013” visible in all photos. The photo must be taken between July 1st and July 21st. You must upload all of your photos by July 21st and… you must get 110 photos out of a list of 200 in order to qualify. 😉

ClickinMoms.com provided awesome printouts to utilize for the “Clickin Moms 2013” required to be visible in each photo, but I kept forgetting to print them. Finally, I printed the signs on July 13th, less than 8 days left to get 110 photos. Talk about the 11th hour!! But I was still determined to at least try. 🙂


The first day was pretty easy and I had a surge in confidence that I would get the 110 photos in time to qualify. Such as a spiky cactus!


A film camera.


A stack of sparkly bracelets.


A bowl with 5 strawberries.

Then it got a little harder. But James was 100% on board with helping me and surprised me with how energetic and excited he was to help!


So we went shopping and found a purple car.


A vanity license plate.


James went up to a lady in a Starbucks in Target and asked an employee to help us get a picture of coffee brewing in a carafe.


The letters CM in the foam of a hot chocolate.


James jumping through hoops (and I also was surprised to find out James can hula-hoop!


Orange bokeh (I was very literal and created bokeh from the pile of oranges at the grocery store).


A dog wearing sunglasses (even Jackson helped!)


James in a green hat (look at that glorious beard he worked so hard to grow!)


James getting a haircut.


James juggled for us.


And also tried desperately to fly a kite! (I can’t get over his expression on his face!)


And James shocked me by doing a cartwheel!


Then I was amazed at how willing friends were to help out. It was just contagious! So our friend and his daughter made a pyramid on their backs.


And my friend helped her daughters shuck corn.

During the week I worked really hard to get the needed photos. Like,

A view from under water (used a few ziplock bags in case one failed!)


Colors in the Clickin Moms logo.


Sun flare.


Someone playing a board game (again, my amazing helper James!)


A man wearing a bow tie (James made sure to color coordinate!)


Adults blowing bubbles.


A dog with a bone (Jackson was more than willing to help with this shot!)


An origami swan (thank you, youtube)


Christmas lights on a house. James and I found this by the railroad tracks while trying to find a real caboose (to no avail) and for the first time James was less than thrilled to help. He was not a fan of driving into a bit of a rough neighborhood…


But at least we found the graffiti we needed with a #5 for a bonus point!

Tuesday I got sick and couldn’t take any photos and by Wednesday, I was shot. Oh my heavens. I couldn’t find the energy to pull out the phone and list of items. I was starting to feel hopeless.


But then Thursday we got the family to generously help! (Five shadows on a sidewalk)


A kid jumping.


A girl twirling.


After visiting the family, we went to the county fair and knocked out a lot on the list. Like funnel cake! (this amazing lady was so willing to help this crazy lady!)


Someone wearing tie-dye (which ended up being surprisingly hard to find, poor girl thought I was a nut)


And I managed to even find things I didn’t think I’d ever find on the list, like a child in a giant bubble!


And a policeman smiling.
The coolest part of this photo? This police officer is also a wedding photographer! We talked for a good 30 minutes to my surprise about what he loved about Canon (and me about Nikon) and our lens envy. He was a really cool guy! How many people can say, “My wedding photographer is also a police officer.”?!


On the final day to get all the photos I needed in James and I ventured into the hot Californian weather. (someone shopping at Costco)


Me in a cowboy hat (thanks, Disney Store)



And James (yet again!) helping me by modeling a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt and adults high-fiving (and anyone who knows James knows high-fiving is his signature).


James and Dan put on a puppet show at Barnes and Noble for me.


One of the biggest finds was when Dan and I went to Wal-Mart. We randomly saw some crutches leaned against the wall!

And our friend modeling his overalls.

I won’t include all of the photos I submitted for fear that I may have already over shared my welcome here, but let me just tell you, it was so fun.
All and all I ended up with 136 photos! The winner will be announced Wednesday and while I’m sure I won’t be one of the winners, I still had a blast with James and that made all the stress worth it. 🙂


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