Catching Up :)

Hi Everybody! As you read in my previous post, lots of wonderful memories have been made since I last checked in.

First off, the almond tree blossoms have come and gone. Those little beauties only last about a couple of weeks at most and they fleetingly let go of their pretty little blooms and petals flutter to the ground like Californian snow. Its one of my favorite times of the year!

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The bees have been buzzing and were a friendly little companion during my shoots. Boxes of the bees are in many of the orchards and there’s always loads of them zipping from blossom to blossom. Odd factoid, I’ve never been stung by a bee. My mom always taught me that if you are kind and let them work they will not bother you. Unfortunately my brother proved that theory wrong when he was younger and accidentally set his hand down on a bee that was sharing a bench with him unbeknownst to him until the pain of the sting radiated through his hand. But fortunately for me, my mom’s advice has proved true (for me). Yep, almost 31 and never been stung in my life. I love watching them. Its true, you leave them alone and they just flit about you, maybe using you as a resting point for a moment before he realizes you are not the sweetness he’s looking for.

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Another random fact, did you know there is a real serious threat to the bees in the world today? They are dropping dead and colonies of bees are disappearing/dying and the apiarists (bee keepers) have never seen anything like it. It is speculated that the unnatural farming (excessive corn fields), filling hives with sugar water after extracting the honey from the hives, and transporting them to different places in the country during the different seasons of the year, as well as pesticide theories are all contributing to the cause of this real crisis. No joke, this is a real crisis. If bees keep dying at the rate they are, we will have nothing to pollinate the vegetation and plants will cease to reproduce and we will have a serious food shortage in just a few decades. We currently import our bees from Australia because ours are disappearing so fast. Google it, its real. Please appreciate these little creatures, leave them alone, and read up on how you can help our friends who keep us alive. And next time, before you swat a bee away from you, remember that he’s your friend and you wouldn’t have food without him.

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Alright, I’m done preaching about the bee shortage. 🙂
So I spent some serious time and work into deep cleaning my home for when my parents came. It really cut into my photography time, but its ok. I whipped out my camera as often as I could.

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I got to go to my friend’s house and take pictures of her horses again. I think I got a couple good ones!


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My mom got here on Monday and it was fabulous! Every day I came home from work to stay up watching tv with her and enjoying her company. Then later on Friday I was able to take some time off from work to go with James and Mom to pick up my dad from the San Francisco Airport. I had the idea that it would be fun to drive to Dublin, park my car there and hop on the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) all the way to the Frisco airport. It was an adventure! I’m not sure I would ever ride the BART during the night, but otherwise it was a fun and new experience! I LOVE my dad’s bear hugs. It was the most wonderful feeling. I sure love my parents.

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After we picked up Dad, we got the greatest experience! My parents took us to the Golden Gate National Cemetery where my great-grandfather and great-grandmother on my mom’s mom’s side are buried. It is a stunning cemetery and was overwhelming to take pictures of.

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After that we visited two homes my mom grew up in. It meant so very much to me to experience that with my mom. She showed me which room was her’s and which one was her sisters’ and brothers’. The neighborhoods have really stayed in great shape, too! Especially for Cali.

We even passed a sweets shop Mom would visit growing up. I couldn’t stop this trip, but I definitely want to spend some time up there with my husband to visit and enjoy a part of my mom’s childhood. I wish there was a way to articulate the sweet experience of enjoying a part of your mom’s past with her, but I cannot think of a way to express it. It was dear to me and I will always treasure those experiences in my heart.

After that we drove to Half Moon Bay. I’ve always adored Half Moon Bay, it has the most romantic name and its an absolutely lovely beach. I’ve been to many beaches in California. Venice, Monterey, Pismo, Pacifica, Malibu, Redondo, Manhattan, Playa Del Rey, Will Rogers State Beach, Point Dume, and many more. Half Moon Bay and Malibu are by far my favorites. I later learned from my mom that she enjoyed coming to Half Moon Bay when she was younger, too! It was wonderful sharing a beach we both enjoyed together!!

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We also took a nice drive and enjoyed the opportunity of visiting the Reagan Library in Simi Valley! You guys, it was amazing. Insanely amazing! President Reagan was truly inspiring. He sure seemed to have great integrity and a natural ability to lead. I loved learning about his days as the Governor of this great state California. Its very interesting that the hardships Californians faced before he came in was eerily similar to our conditions today. I truly believe he was a wonderful president and it left me feeling a longing that the presidents in the past couple decades could have been as admirable. I feel like we’ve been short changed in many ways.
One of the most interesting things about the Reagan Library is that its the only Presidential Library to house a retired Air Force One! I was in heaven taking pictures of that plane. It was magnificent.
Oddly enough, I think about visiting that place again every day and can’t WAIT to go back!

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Now, let me tell you something about my dad, my dad and John Deere hats go together like a front door on a house, like the glaze on a donut, like a book with a front page – its just weird if they’re not together. Its the same thing with my dad and John Deere hats. So I just had to take him to our local John Deere store to take a gander. Dad got himself a new hat – I can just hear my mom groan as she thinks about the boxes of hats he already has stacked in our home 😉 – and he got James a matching one. Dad even got me an awesome John Deere hoodie. Somehow, that small little trip we took together sure felt like it completed our whole trip.

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I also took the opportunity to show my parents around Knights Ferry. I just LOVE looking at life through my parents eyes. I feel like I still have so much to learn from them. I loved listening to my mom speculate about how life was for the people working there during that time, and I soaked up my dad’s opinions on how they operated the machinery and listened to them point out how they probably had it all set up. My parents poked their heads throughout the ruins and I loved being able to show them something I love to visit near my home. Although the historical park is in ruins and very poorly maintained, with the signs fading so badly that a few of them you can’t even read anymore, my parents took the time to stop and read each and every sign and I loved taking that time with them. It was very dear to my heart.

Now they are home and I’ve felt very lonely and sad ever since they left. Its been almost 10 years since I’ve lived with my parents and I was often amazed during this trip while watching them as I learned more about myself. My dad has a very, “Lets just get it done, let get it done right, and lets get it done right now!” attitude when it comes to a big project and I so relate to that in my own work ethic. My mom is very very observant and a constant problem-solver and I was fascinated to see myself do the same thing. Its kind of scary to me, too, to see how truly amazing my parents are. I feel like I just don’t measure up to how wonderful they are. If I am not as strong and smart and awesome as they are, how will I make it for my progeny?

Anyway, since being down due to them going to home, I’ve thrown myself into editing some photos. Here’s the result:

3.23 (1 of 1)-3

3.23 (1 of 1)-2

3.23 (1 of 1)

3.23 (1 of 1)-5

3.23 (1 of 1)-4

Until next time, everyone have a wonderful week!


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