Landscape Photographer – Because I Like My Subjects To Stay PUT!

Shooting 201 started this week! Eeep, so excited!! Lesson material and assignments are posted on Sunday nights, making it my favorite time of the week!!

In between studying the lesson material, I managed to stop and take some photos for the daily project! No real winners this week in my opinion, but I hope everyone else enjoys!


Monday – Took this of an ivy plant running across the wall at work.
1.21.13 (1 of 1)

Tuesday – Such an exciting day! I received a Macro Converter for my Lensbaby and wahoo! I can get as close as 2 to 4 inches away from something and still have it in focus! Can’t wait to explore more of this magicalness!
1.22.13 (1 of 1) RTB_3361

Wednesday – Still having fun with the converters.
1.23.13 (1 of 1)

Thursday – This week I studied the lesson material so hard and tried several times to take interesting photos of James, but am really stuck like chuck and I can’t figure out whats my deal! James, wearing his favorite Batman t-shirt, mentioned going to the comic book store and trying to get interesting photos there. It was a bust in my opinion, but we sure did try!

Friday – I mostly studied. And I did take a photo. And no, I’m not sharing it. 🙂
Long Explanation: I shaved my husband’s hair. It was the longest that I think he’s ever had it our entire married life and I felt like doing someone’s hair and he kindly became my victim. I started the razor, planned on giving him the usual buzz, and the worst thing happened (at least in my eyes). He reached back, felt how short it was and said, “I didn’t consent to this.” I felt awful. He never complains about how I cut his hair, but obviously he had grown accustomed to the longer hair and didn’t think I was going to go so short. I felt so bad! So how does one rectify this type of situation? They give the victim anything they want. So I gave him a Mohawk. Yes, I really did. And it is glorious. The photo I took this day is right after I cut his hair, but he doesn’t have a shirt on and as I can’t have anyone knowing how truly hot he is, I will be keeping his shirtless studliness all to myself! 😉

Saturday. What a wonderful day we had! I had asked James’ sister if we could kidnap the niece and nephew for the day and we got our wish. There’s this large park/playground 15 minutes from our home and I knew they’d lose their minds once they saw the playground. And they did.
I took the advantage of the situation and took a couple hundred (seriously) photos of them. First off, how do mom photographers do it? I was always at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong settings, and there seemed to be a million perfect photo ops and I missed nearly every single one. A part of our assignment this week is to connect with our subject and to achieve a photo that truly represents them. HARD, but I’m thankful for the challenge! As I said when submitting my assignment photos, though: I am a landscaper photographer in the making, seeing as I like my subjects to stay PUT!

(2 of the 3 photos I chose to submit for my assignment)
_RTB3460-2 _RTB3514-2

We also were instructed on how to use Lightroom 4 this week. So recap, this week I learned Lightroom 4 and how to adjust settings to try and get a photo to pop, how to organize your photos in Lightroom, what you are aiming for when trying to connect with a person and capture that, AND how epic RAW shooting is! Explanation about RAW: cameras take photos in a couple different formats. Up until now I had only been taking photos in the highest quality jpegs. The other format is RAW, and RAW is just like it sounds: Raw, beautiful data that is not compressed in any way. Its kinda like raw food compared to processed food. You get nutrients from raw nuts and veggies that you don’t get in processed foods. Comparably, in RAW shooting you get all the nutrients of pixels and data, whereas jpeg is all processed data. This week I learned first hand what you can achieve with RAW. Here’s a couple of befores and afters for ya:
1.26.13 Gavin Comp
1.26.13 Geese Comp

I was able to take my nephew’s photo and tweak it to bring out the best in the photo.
Same with the bird photo — but obviously much more drastic. With a jpeg, I couldn’t get anything close like what I did. It would have looked pixelated and noisy and you probably wouldn’t even be able to make out there were birds in the shot. RAW gives you a safety net in case you mess up like I did with the bird photo. I had been taking shots close to the sun and had to really under expose the image to get the clouds and the sun the way I wanted it. Oooop, next thing I know there is a gorgeous flock of Canada Geese flying and I got ready to shoot shoot shoot to get a good photo. When I started reviewing the captures on my LCD screen, I was sooooooo disappointed! I had messed up and forgot I needed to change my settings! Crap! But for kicks and giggles I saved the photos in hopes that I could recover some of the data in Lightroom and voila! We have this gorgeous photo of the sun light shining and the birds flying across the sky that I would not have had if I had been shooting in jpeg!!!

3 hours after arriving at the park, we still had to drag the kids’ sad mopey faces from the playground with the promise we would bring them back again. I imagine they are going to sleep GOOD tonight!

After the playground we took them to the radio station. James had a blast showing them around.



It was such a fun day! We are truly blessed. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Landscape Photographer – Because I Like My Subjects To Stay PUT!

  1. Great pics Raych! Sounds like you had a great week. Wish I could join you in 201, it sounds like a lot of great information. Oh, and I’ve also been MIA in the FB group, life has just been too busy to spend extra time there. But I still check in on you guys. It’s so fun to see your progress here. Thanks for sharing and keep shooting! 🙂

  2. Great shots this week! You’re too hard on yourself. Also, you make me want to shoot raw all the time, but I’m afraid I would spend all my time editing. Haha!!

    • Hey Tonya! Totally go to RAW! You won’t regret it, I’ll never ever go back to jpeg.
      I did get a bit post production happy the last couple of weeks, but now I’m totally burnt out on it and am back to making sure its nailed in SOOC because I do NOT want to have to edit it! I think the best thing about RAW is if I miss a photo because of my settings, I have a chance to save it later and that insurance is so worth it. The great thing, too, is when you import the images you can always convert them to jpegs later! 🙂
      I’ve really enjoyed 201. I was scared I took it too soon at first, but now that its almost over I think its the perfect next step and challenge from 101 (in my opinion, anyway). Unfortunately, I feel like I need the structure. I wish I could just do it on my own, but I think I need these work shops to really help me and guide me where my next step to go is. I’m usually good at learning things on my own, but these work shops have helped guide me and I adore it and appreciate it so much.

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