Miss-a-day Punishment

Hi Guys!
Oh my gosh, so I forgot to take a picture again on Monday – arg. I decided I needed to do something to keep this from happening again and I found the perfect solution: I have to post a photo of myself for every day I miss. I know, right? Best idea ever! Unless your a conceited person, then its not so great (or maybe not so great for the audience as their face would be plastered across the blog the entire year). Seeing as I am like the typical women, I am not excited about taking my picture ever and this is just the kick in the butt I need!

Substitute Photo for Monday:

The sun is FINALLY deciding to grace our presence for an hour after I get off of work and I took advantage of this on Tuesday. I liked all the twiggy-branches as I looked up.

I also saw the stones on this wall and enjoyed the patterns.

Wednesday was harder.

Thursday harder still. I get wiped out after work/house chores/errands, etc. and my creativeness just dissipates. I toyed around with a Lightroom preset I received free from Clickinmoms.com to perk this shot up a bit, but I obviously failed – messing up the coloring quite a bit. But I wanted to post my failures, too, to be honest in my journey.

Friday was kinda funny. I got out my violin because violins are so elegant and I thought it would be a great tool to create something pretty. Well, Jackson had other ideas. He kept nosing his way through, the little booger! I’m not even sure what got into him. He hates it when I try to take his picture! It got so bad that I had to stop and get out my lenspen to wipe off his nose marks off my glass, the goofball.

Saturday I had an epiphany: lightbulbs are my thing. I used custom white balance for this so the lights and colors would come out clean and not blu-ish or orange-ish. Ever wonder why someone looks like Snooki from Jersey Shore in their pictures? Its a white balance issue – or a really bad tan. πŸ˜‰ Natural light doesn’t have this issue so much, but anything other than the sun can create problems. At any rate, I feel kinda proud of this picture. πŸ™‚

My husband and I went to Home Depot to pick up a couple of things. You have to know, my favorite aisle growing up was always the light fixture aisles at the stores – and hardware stores were the best! How do you not feel like you’re stepping into a magical land walking down that light aisles??
These two I applied a texture to just to play with.

And this, this one is my favorite. When I got the idea to do my thing and meter to the bulbs, *sigh* so fun. It really is just so much fun!! And notice, one of these bulbs is not like the other, one of these bulbs just doesn’t belong! (well, actually three of them)

As you can imagine it was a white balance nightmare and the colors are still a bit off, but doggone it was waaayyyyyyy fun! Yep, lightbulbs are my thing. πŸ™‚


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