I feel like I got some good shots this week! I’m uber excited. I know one day I will look back on these photos and feel immensely embarrassed, but for now I am going to rejoice in my photos. 🙂

It was 11:15 last Sunday and I was rushing to take a photo before running off to bed. As I desperately gazed about my home, trying to find inspiration for the photo of the night, I saw my favorite statue. I remember when I first saw this statue, I felt like it represented my husband and I so wholly and almost made me tear up. On the day we were sealed in the Nauvoo Temple in Nauvoo, IL, I had to buy it as a token of our life together on earth and beyond. I had the idea to try out getting a blacked-out background, putting the sole focus and attention on the statue. I turned out all of the lights except our kitchen light, took three different photos of the statue and was happy with the result after 3 shots.

Inspired the next night, I had to try my hand with blacking out the background again with another statue. In this photo, I was able to utilize a Clickinmoms giveaway – really the greatest gift ever! gave away a little package to anyone and everyone, which included tutorials from pros in the forum and presets and actions for Photoshop, Lightroom and Photoshop Elements. I only have Lightroom right now, and this preset was one of them – creating a haziness to the photo. I really adored the affect on this shot.

James and I went to the comic book store this week and I saw Star Munchkin. Munchkin is a complex strategy card game centered around destroying your opponents while trying to reach a certain amount of game points. Its also hilarious! While it normally calls for 3 or more players, James and I still managed to make it work with just the two of us. Because it is a back-stabbing game, we had to call a truce and to not take our cut-throat tactics personally. I won, of course. 🙂

I was fascinated with the blacking-out the background effect and tried it again with James’ coins he received throughout his military career.

This was a particularly hard day. Our son, Jackson, had broken a tooth and the vet had said he was very overdue to have his teeth cleaned. I knew he needed his vaccinations in a couple of months, have his tags renewed, renew my car registration for 2013, get my eyes checked and get some car repairs. With all of this, I decided to arrange to have the day off from work. We were all up early to drop Jackson off at the vets by 7 a.m., and off to our DMV appointment at 8 — it was a loooooooong day. And have I mentioned Jackson is our son? To have him under anesthetic (which as everyone knows is dangerous) had my nerves on edge the entire day. It was awful. We were allowed to pick him up that afternoon at 5 p.m., but of course we couldn’t wait a moment longer and were there earlier than 5. Our poor pup was still a little dizzy on his feet. When we got home Jackson obviously still had some remaining anesthetic in his system. While our son is very cuddly, he’s never fallen asleep in my lap. It was the most precious thing to have him be so tired he laid his paws and head in my lap and fell asleep for a good hour. James and I couldn’t stop holding him.

And then I forgot to take a photo on Friday! I keep trying to convince myself that its ok to miss a day, but I am having a hard time forgiving myself for missing a day so soon!
So as to fill in the gap, I added this self portrait I took of myself today:

But Saturday I was right back at it.
(can you tell we love our Jackson?)

Today I decided I needed to freshen up my perspective after a week of taking shots indoors. I took James and Jackson on a 30 minute drive down to a cute little spot with a uniquely covered bridge. Its a lovely spot and you always see photographers taking clients there because there are so many rich colors and interesting ruined buildings — I knew it would be the easiest and most fun to look through the lens in a different way.


I took tons of photos of Jackson and James and realized when I have kids I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to delete a single photo — I sure as heck can’t delete any photos of Jackson, even if they are only of his butt!

And this beauty… “Say Cheese!”

And this one…
See what I mean?

My favorite photo of the day, though, was of this brick wall with a tree’s outline so crisply laying across it. I just adored it:

I felt like this trees shadow, reaching for better photos all week. I’m so thankful for this 365 project and I am excited to see the end results of all of this hard work!

Have a great week, guys!


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