You may have already noticed there’s a new page added next to “Home” and “Abooot Me” links titled “YEAR 2013: PROJECT 365 DAYS OF PHOTOGRAPHY”. Thats right! I’m going to be an overachiever this year!
In addition to resolutions, I’ve set myself some high-reaching goals. There’s been a lot of talk amongst the photographers about setting up a “365 Project”, which simply means taking a photo each day. I’ve decided to join in and do my own 365. The photo taken each day may mean something different to each photographer (whether it be a snap shot, a nice photo, an edited photo, etc), for me it means I take a photo I’m happy with. Some chose to do themes to help them along, but I don’t consider myself talented enough for that, so I’m going to free style it each day.
I hope to share the photo each day with you, but I know that could get old quick, so I may just do it at least once a week if not oftener. I may be in over my head, but I’m still excited. With my amazingly talented class mates from Shooting 101, many of us also committed to a 52 project. A 52 project is as you’ve probably guessed, one photo a week for a whole year. I’m quite humbled and admire how fast one of the class mates organized it all and laid it all out for us. The first week of each submission will have a theme to it, while the other weeks of the month are whatever we chose. I’m so excited to get the positive feed back from each of them, even if it is, “Sweetie, that sucked. But I love your vision!” because they offer so much support even during the growing pains. I heart them all!

At any rate, I’m positive these goals will push me hard this year and I’m excited to see the end result.

And I present, my first photo!


I’ve been having a lot of fun with purposefully underexposing an image. This may be a bad thing, maybe I should be nailing proper exposure first, but I know my poor Jim and Jacks are tired of seeing a lens in their face, so I have to let my creative side come out.
Also, did you notice something? A watermark, perhaps?! Yes!! I downloaded a free 30 day trial of Adobe’s Lightroom 4 and it allows you to create a simple watermark. Awesomeness!!! I’m a proud mom, I can’t lie.

Happy New Years my Friends!


2 thoughts on “2013: 365 DAYS OF PHOTOGRAPHY

  1. Awesome start Raych. I like the exposure. I say do what makes you happy with exposure, there really isn’t a right and wrong if you like the end result. I’ll help cheer you along the way!!

    • Tonya, you’re awesome! Thanks for the encouragement, I was so proud of it at first, and then this morning when I took at peak at the photo again on my phone I wasn’t so sure anymore…

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