Attack of the Clones – In Lightroom

I LOVE this photo. My niece is showing her teenage-esque personality in that little 6 year old body. But this photo was also driving me nuts. The little dots of light in our eyes in photos is termed “Catchlights”. I cannot get those catchlights for the life of me. And in this photo, I captured a half-catchlight — notice the catchlights in her right eye but not her left? Arg, it looks soooooo weird!


Welcome “Clone” tool in Lightroom. Photoshop has an amazing clone tool from what I hear, and well it should for six hundred buckaroos! But guess what? I’m smart and I found a way to make the clone tool work for me in Lightroom.
I placed the dot of the clone tool in the area of her pupil that I thought best matched the half-catchlight. I then pulled the clone section over to the white of her eye and voila! Manufactured catchlights! I put two extra tinier catchlights above those to give it a bit more depth. I is smart!


Hope ya’ll enjoyed this little ah-ha moment of mine!
What do you think of the photo? Does it look better, or am I too nit-picky?