My New Favorite Photography Website… Well, Second Favorite!

Favorite Image from this week:

For those who aren’t interested in the technical aspect (TL,DR), You should probably skip this post. 😉

I read a thought provoking thread in A photographer was upgrading her camera and was trying to decide between Nikon’s D800, D700 or newest D600. Many members gave helpful advice, but none recommended the D800. I was crushed. Whats wrong with my baby? I wondered. The main complaint was the huge amount of megapixels and the need for extra storage. Sure, its a small problem, I agree, but not really that big of a deal. I haven’t experienced any issues with having to transfer those files/my photos over to my terabyte of Western Digital external memory, nor was it that much of an investment to get a larger CF or SDXC (although, now I recommend just getting a couple smaller CF’s and SDXC’s rather than having ones so large). I knew many would probably lean towards the D700 because its been around forever and is tried and true — and most pro’s in the forum shoot with their D700, so there’s a bias there as well. But still, I had to do some investigating to see if my D800 was worth the purchase.
I also had to remind myself when I felt a twinge of Did I invest in the right camera? that I DID do extensive research on my D800 beforehand for over a month — it was far from an impulse-purchase. I started off looking at the D5100 and D7000, but quickly shifted focus when I realized all pros shoot with a Full Frame camera, and thats the direction I want to be heading. Additionally, the D5100 and D7000 are entry-level/semi-pro cameras and are not compatible with all lenses, and I couldn’t handle the thought of one day having a camera that couldn’t support a lens I may want down the line. I knew this would be a camera I’d likely be bosom bodies with for a few years. Then I narrowed it down to two: the D700 or D800. The D4 looked amazing, but for $3k more? Not gonna happen at this time. I literally got to the point where I sat down, wrote out a list of purposes I hoped to use the camera for, wrote down the capabilities that each the D700 and the D800 had to offer, the one with the most important capabilities (to me) would win. While the D700 can take more frames-per-second in continuous shoot, the D800 has video capabilities! So the D800 won out. And I’ve been in love ever sense I opened that golden Nikon box.
As I pondered and reevaluated my D800 after reading the aforementioned thread (which is totally DUMB as its too late now!), I started googling and came across this AMAZING website: No, seriously, its amazing. Thorough reviews upon reviews by accomplished photographers. The websites creators and contributors go into great detail and depth about each product they’ve tested. Result of the D800? Nasim Mansurov (the websites creator and D800 reviewer) loved the D800! He even argued the D800 was a worthy opponent to the coveted D4. *Tear* Faith in my camera restored.
But the best part of this whole little journey? I discovered this HELPFUL website! I heart! I have to say, though, is by far my favorite photography website/forum of all time. There is a richness, a camaraderie and positive contagious atmosphere that really has made me a happier person. I heart those women!

In closing of this post, I realized something when I stumbled upon the website, I’m out of my league. 🙂 This blog really is useless in the photography world! There’s so much more to be offered out there. So I think this blog is going to take a little more personal route because all I have to offer is me… for now. 😀


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