What a fun/hard/stressful/amazing/knowledge-filled week!


This week we learned SO FLIPPING MUCH!  I don’t want to break any copyright laws so I won’t go into detail, but I just can’t say more how much fun I’m having in this workshop and with my camera.  Its wonderful!

So these little beauties of my ebony baby are photos I took the same day as the amazing shot in my previous post and I just had to share his adorableness. Yes, if/when James and I ever start a family, I will be that mom that has photos she whips out to brag about her kids.  I’m shameless. 🙂


Jackson does this thing with his ball, he always drops it into his water bowl when he’s out and about running.  I can’t decide if he can’t stand the texture of his own slobber, if he enjoys the sogginess or if he just likes a clean ball, but its disgusting…  And he looks up at you like life just couldn’t get better than this!


Have I mentioned how supportive James is during all of this?
Seriously, he actually pulled over for me when I mentioned I
wanted to take some photos of an almond orchard near our house sometime.
I didn’t even have to ask!


So this weeks assignment was to take an image with correct skin tone with natural light.  I work during light hours and this was really hard!  But I knew I had to submit something, I couldn’t fall behind — it just wasn’t an option.  James generously offered to be my model, but my model (hubster) got sick. Next closest family members/friends were my own appendages. I wasn’t able to get as creative as I’d liked, I didn’t realize how difficult my camera is to hold w/one hand!


And the last photo taken was of my tootsies.  Sorry, I know they’re far from pretty.  I thought this was the perfect photo to illustrated how spoiled we Californians are — its freaking DECEMBER and I’m in FLIP-FLOPS!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed the photos 😉  Feel free to leave a comment about what you liked/didn’t like about my photos (comments on my toes are off-limits!).  I’m always open for suggestions. 🙂
Have a great week everyone!


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