Update on the workshop — its begun!  This week we’re learning about the exposure triangle and exactly how these work together.  I know, I know, there are tons of blogs out there that teach us about this, so why does it matter?  This is why: this workshop is holding my hand and walking me thru step by step so it clicks inside my head.  So while in theory the exposure triangle makes sense, in application it was not so simple.  I am so flippin’ thankful for what I’ve learned in just this first week!  I know that I will most likely have to take more work shops in addition to insane amounts of practice to really get where I want to one day be as a photographer, but taking this giant first step is so very exciting!

So, we’re taking test photos.  Here’s one from inside w/window light: 

And one with minimal light, maxing out our camera to see how far it can go.  While my aperture here was f/1.8 and I could have gone higher, with 1/100 SS and ISO almost maxed out at 6400, it still appears light.  I didn’t want to open up my aperture any more  because I somewhat disliked the blurriness in some of the leaves.  I really enjoyed the photo though at 1.8 compared to f/2, so I stuck with it..  I hope this photo still qualifies as being a low-light photo even though it was next to a window because the  light was so itty-bitty.  Although the photo is deceiving, there was very little light on the back porch and the blinds were closed.

I loved this photo of my plant because it shows it reaching for the light and isn’t what this lesson is all about?

We are to submit a photo of outside.  What with it being Thanksgiving and familial obligations, I didn’t have time today to take a photo outside, but I am excited to practice outside tomorrow since I have most of the day off!  It is making it difficult to practice these photos for me during the week because I work during most of the light-filled hours of the day.  Assignments are usually released for the week on Sundays and due the next Sunday morning.  This next week I may have to utilize my lunch hour and try to find something around the office to practice on.

I’ll share my outside photo tomorrow when I get it nailed!  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


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