Anniversary Trip

I’ve now had my camera for a couple weeks and I’m STILL in the dark as far as many of the settings go.  Its a doggone computer in its own right.  I consider myself pretty computer/tech savvy, so this is not a little frustrating.  I know that I’ll be learning many many things about digital photography for years to come, but I sure didn’t expect to still be reading the instruction manual how to change settings (I have yet to figure out how to change the shutter speed).

(above: James and Jackson kindly posing in their natural habitat.)

I’m also being very stubborn.  I’m refusing to get to know the different modes, especially avoiding auto mode, and staying strictly in manual.  I wish I wasn’t so stubborn sometimes.  Anyways, I really had hoped to sign up for a photography course that I’ve heard rave reviews about through, but it booked up so fast my head spun.  The next class isn’t until November and I can only hope I am able to sign up before the spots sell out again.  So I find myself taking over-exposed, under-exposed, and what I term Meh-photos most of the time.  Sometimes I’ll get it just right, and then other times fail completely.  I’m hoping I get the hang of it so I can eventually hold onto some semblance of consistency.


We also discovered something about my husband in all of this: he loves snapping away, too.  I switch it all to auto for him and he just clicks away.  Unfortunately I’m his favorite subject, so I find myself trying very hard not to grimace the entire time.  I feel bad, I don’t know if he realizes how much memory these photos use up.  I even just have it set on Basic, not even RAW or at the max 36 mil pixels, and yet those photos clog up the memory so quickly.  Between my CF and my SDXC, I have 128 gigs of memory, so if that gives you a picture (pun unintended) of how much memory these photos use…

(James’ shot while we stood in line for a ride.)

Side thought:  I wonder if real pros are reading this blog and giggling to themselves at my ignorance. (sudden embarrassment is now ensuing, but I can’t forget this is a learning photographer’s journal.  I hope ya’ll will have mercy on me…).

(An adorable lamb at the Big Thunder Ranch.  Interesting tidbit: Rachel means yew, a female lamb.  It also means gentle.  I’ve always loved lambs because of my name…)

Back to topic.  So my husband and I have now been married 5 years.  I’m so thankful, he’s my best friend and we’re still so dearly in love that I can’t help but feel blessed.  For our 5 year anniversary, we both took over a week off from work.  Leisurely we visited our beloved Disneyland, and took it easy the entire week.  It was an absolute dream!


James and I discovered the Animation Academy at Disneyland while we were there.  We adored learning how to draw Disney characters.  I was surprised at how easily it seemed to come and I felt my creative juices flow — and I mean really flood all my senses for the first time in what feels like a long time.  It was wonderful. 🙂

ImageI really liked this shot I got of my baby love.

ImageJim wouldn’t leave me out of any of his shots, so this was my form of retaliation.

ImageIt was a wonderful and romantic trip and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  🙂


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